About Melissa “Super Mel” Buehler

I was at a fluffy stage in my life for about 3 years after I carried the twins (3rd & 4th child). I was in & out of the gym since I was 18 years old. Being 39 years old & tired of looking at all my pre-twins clothes still hanging up in my closet I decided to do something about it. So, I stared at my old competition photo from 2008 & said to myself “I GOT THIS!” So March of 2018 I started with the nutrition side because you can never out run a bad diet. I dropped from 215 to 165 in a 6 month time frame just with nutrition alone. I must add I was stretched to the gourds at 265 pounds right before I had the twins. So with this became a skin issue as I dropped to 165 & noticed that I did not have enough muscle under all that fluff. So I rejoined the gym in September 2018 & started rebuilding myself. As I was going through this process people kept asking the same 3 questions:

How are you loosing weight?

What are you eating?

Where is there a healthy place to eat?

So this triggered a light bulb & here we are with V-Town Smoothies! I opened the doors June 1st, 2019 with only a basic menu of 6 smoothies since then have expanded to so much more. I offer sweet treat smoothies to the healthy side of the spectrum that will generally surprise you.
Is it easy to stay in the healthy lane? Absolutely not, but if you set your mind you can do anything. I am on a mission to stay healthy for my children. Do i venture off from my normal? Yes, occasionally I do enjoy food from another persons kitchen, although I do try to stay within my parameters.  In the end it all boils down to a simple choice! You choose what you put in your body! Either you will choose a big seasoned juicy cheese burger with all the good stuff, fries, & a sugar loaded soda or you can choose a lean green option with water. I look at food as fuel now instead of eating for comfort. Fuel your tank appropriately and you will notice a difference.

V-Town Smoothies
125 North Monroe Street
Versailles, MO 65084

Phone: 573-832-1415
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Monday 8am-5pm.
Tuesday 8am-2pm.
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